Are you looking for a computer desk? One of the best products that you should consider is Regallo 50-100705. This desk comes with a grey colored powder coated frame that will take you through many years without thinking about the cost of buying another computer desk for your office. The working surface of the desk features plasticized laminate and a composite core making it extremely easy to clean. Assembly of the desk is slightly tricky especially for a newbie because it requires a bit of patience. This should not stop you from buying the desk now that most computer desks require some effort and time when it comes to assembling them. The desk has the ability to support up to 154 pounds hence you cannot term it flimsy. The swooping and well curved upper surface of the desk offers you with adequate working space when compared to other brands on the market. The swing out section of the desk helps to double up the working space provided at the end of the day. If you do not require the extra space provided by the
swing out section, simply tuck it in neatly. This makes the desk ideal for anyone who occasionally needs large plans or consulting paper work. The full width of the desk takes care of your computer and other items giving you a peace of mind. Unlike other computers desks that do not have many features, this desk allows you to mount it as well as the peripheral shelf on its other side without any hassle.

Product features

Has a Keyboard shelf that pulls out easily
The desk easily converts to form an L-shape
Features a unique and beautiful space design making it ideal for any office
The bottom storage shelf of the desk creates more space where you can place different items
The desktop measures 46” W x 15” L while L-top is 41.5”W x 23.5D


• Durable

• Easy to clean

• Spacious for your computer and other items in the office

• Easily portable

• Aesthetically appealing


• Not easy to assemble the desk
Consumer reviews
Consumer 1

The ease to clean this desk, pull out keyboard and aesthetic appeal makes it my number one product. I bought it last year but it looks new and charming. In terms of rating, I would not hesitate to give it 5/5
Consumer 2

Regallo perfectly suits my small office. I can easily increase on the working space when undertaking different tasks. Although it gave me a hard time to assemble, 4/5 is not bad.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Regallo 50-100705 is among the best computer desks that you can find on the market. The desk is strong, durable and easy to clean. The pull out keyboard and ease to convert it to form an L- shape adds more value to the product. The steel and PVC material used in designing the desk makes it long lasting and able to sustain up to 154lbs. To find this product, you can check with online stores such as Amazon rather than walking up and down the streets wondering where to buy them same.

Space Seating Professional AirGrid Office Chairs Review

Most offices around the world have great fancy chairs but the employees are not comfortable and have lumber issues. With growing demand of chairs that can support extended working hours, office chairs are now manufactured with a very high degree of innovation and engineering. Space Seating Professional AirGrid Office Chair is one such ergonomic brand.

Product Review

AirGrid Office Chair has every feature that every ergonomic chair has. Added to those features it has some additional features that enhance its performance. These features make this chair stand apart in a competitive market of ergonomic chairs.

Additional Features

Eco-Leather Seat: The eco-leather seats make the sitting very comfortable and the chair very durable. Another great feature of Eco-leather is that it is very easy to clean. If the chair gets dirty, all you need to do is to clean it with a wet cloth.

Back Shaped Backrest: The backrest is an engineering marvel, it is designed in the same way as the human lumber structure, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top to perfectly support the shoulders. The shape looks a little odd, but once you sit on the chair, you will realize the importance of the shape.

Mesh Backrest: The backrest is not solid cushion, instead it is made of high quality durable mesh which supports your back and allows air to pass through it at the same time. So, you don’t have a sticky shirt on hot days.

Synchro Technology Tilt Control: The 2 to 1 Synchro Tilt Control balances the weight at the center and stops the chair from tilting beyond a certain angle.

Height Adjustable Angled Arms: Most office chairs have fixed arms that create discomfort in the users, the Space seating chairs have height adjustable arms with great cushions that make them very comfortable to sit on.


• The ergonomic chair is very cost efficient.
• The chair comes with double wheels to protect carpets and soft surfaces.
• The back shaped backrest is very comfortable.
• The breathing mesh at the back is a great advantage in hot conditions.
• Pneumatic height control systems make it easy to adjust the height.
• Height Adjustable padded arm rests are very comfortable.
• Unique Synchro Tilt technology which is quite comfortable and provide safe tilting.


• The backrest is not as good as cushioned backrest except for hot conditions where air passage is a major advantage.
• The seat is not as soft as it should be. However, it is great for long sittings that require a hard saddle.

Final Verdict

The chair is a great option for offices where the employees sit and work for more than eight hours at a stretch. In fact it is a necessity for such offices as the employees need lumber protection to perform well over time. It is seen that an uncomfortable lumber position creates problems over time. The best way to protect the backs of the employees is to buy this ergonomic chair.


Space Seating Professional AirGrid Office Chair is a high quality ergonomic chair that comes at an affordable price that makes it possible for the enterprises to buy them for their employees. It is one of the cheapest high quality ergonomic chair and a must have for offices where the employees spend hours on their chairs. In this SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chair review, we highly recommend to buy this office chair to pamper your employees.